As a Artist I have a compulsion to create. The things in which I have created include starting as a small child shaping dirt in the yard into shapes,from the time I started finger painting I knew that I loved Art.

Late in life I was given a blessed opportunity to help a Latin King inspired as well as certified Brand Nevafold launch .I was privileged and given the Honor to be allowed to influence designing also managing the Nevafold storefront (the nevafold.shop is closed ,Nevafold has went full commerical and is heavily participating in the music Industry as well as concert tours , celebrity’s interviews also news segments and so much more in a Family Backed magizine ,till further notice. Some designs can still be purchased (link in the details) These Almighty inspired Designs as well as the concepts of design behind the Nevafold project are a contribution to the cause. Thank you for this great privilege also a Honor to have been invited to manipulate the most sacred images belonging to the Almighty Latin King Queen Nation , wishing Blessings in Black -N- Gold.

This is the actual place my grandparents would take me and later me and my lil Brother Chad.”

Back to the beginning 1977 I was a child 5 years if age my brother Chad was only one at the time but would learn to enjoy these outings as much as I did “The Royal Crown Dinner located in Greeneville ,Texas ( my birth town of 50,000 people), my grandparents would go there sometimes 6 days a week (destiny in the name of the place ROYAL CROWN ) the grandparents were like rock stars of the joint ,the wait staff especially, probably due to the dact grandpa would always tip well. The grandparents would socialize and drink coffee, for these occasions they would buy me colored pencils, drawing pads. While the adults talked I would draw as well as doodle and color. I would enjoy this two hour activity which included something to eat from the menu. This went on for a number of years, the whole time family as well as friends of the family would encourage me to continue creating art. The encouragement was welcomed but not necessary because I definitely enjoyed Art as if it were pre-written genetics code in my DNA, I had to draw. Even in public school when finished with my school work I would break out the art pad and work. I still had never considered art as a career choice but in my mind art was a act of pleasure , relaxing as well as recreation,not a job, careers in art that was reserved for the Rembrandts of the world right?

Late in life I was given a blessed opportunity to help create a Latin King inspired Brand called ” Nevafold.”

Mr Uptergrove’s latest work was two years with the Latin King Brand Nevafold, a collection unique designs for the Black -N- Gold. This project has reached its conclusion for the Artist Ricky R Uptergrove ,in good standing. The Nevafold Brand is highly involved in the entertainment segments of the Brand , which include published magizine , celebrity interviews,music coverage and so much more. Nevafold is in the process of obtaining new facility’s for clothing which includes printing shops for old school silk-screening as well as state of the art fully automates printing press. Upon completion a larger percentage of The Brands focus will be with clothing and various MERCHANDISE with Nation Designs directly from the Nevafold Brand.

Design by Ricky R Uptergrove
A design by Mr Ricky R Uptergrove Artists

By the time I was In middle school I was allowed to choose school elective so my choice was Art and that remained my elective untill I finished school. In the year 2017 I was seeking alternative methods of income, when I was to discover the print on demand industry. Print on demand what a amazing tool for artist to utilize as a financial instrument and as a way of self promotion as well as increase web presence. My art and designs Printed onto high quality clothing and other general merchandising products. I began with the famous Artist T-shirt platform Teespring.com I remember when I made my first sale;( thanks Mom) I was so excited , when I went to the cash register at my local convenience store and made a purchase with the profits from my first sale of my artwork I was hooked,line and sinker! I began a self taught crash course into all that is internet, social media,marketing, you tube videos , free lectures,trial and error. I began to get a feel of the complex mechanics of Google search engine ,SEO, keyword research, I created a Shop on the online Artist hosting platform Redbubble.com which continues today also began design on my personal website on wordpress.com. The pandemic has changed the world, I wish you all the very best and Thank You for your support. From the Artist Ricky R Uptergrove

Thank you for your interest in my Art and Designs.

Artist / Designer Ricky R Uptergrove

Gif RIcky R Uptergrove Artistic Enterprises
Look & Feel like a millionaire without spending a million

When I brain storm concepts for the family I desired to contribute to introducing a modern flare to help reinvigorates the already awesome symbols of a Nation,  my heart , my soul, even  tears as well the achievement’s poured into all of the content and design concepts I’ve created or was part of a team that manipulated these extremely important symbols that so many have sacrificed to defend and to uphold. Know I’ve  shown the utmost respect while manipulating and or modifying the great symbolism that represents Da Family I feel privileged and gratefulness for the support of the People all while sporting some of the most on point designs representing the BLACK AND GOLD in the world at present.

Showing Love -N- support for Da Fam,all we got is us!


What is behind the Art Designs by Ricky R Uptergrove.

“God……………… John 3:16 ” Design by Artist /Designer Ricky R Uptergrove

I was raised in small towns with brief stays in the Dallas, Fort Worth City located in the state of Texas.

The last nine years I have lived in the Magical city San Francisco, Bay Area . I feel that I have became aware of the Aura, the Vibe & Flavor of a modern metropolis.

My Artwork, Streetwear, activewear & sportswear fashsion designs tells the story of a Lifestyle that entails a culture of the modern members of society as well as the aged roots individual’s located in the small town America.

With that being said I serve

Image is a product mock-up of a t-shirt featureing a skater design of a women with tattoos next to a skateboard a huge thing and yang symbol is in the background the words raw and real are written in text across the thing yang symbol then in larger letters is the word trill below that is the words streetwear by Artist/designer Ricky r uptergrove

while down to earth, dedicated to the mission reserved in my confidance & abilities, yet there is the non-conformity personality that can be seen in parts of my Skater, Punk Rock Artwork. I try to create what I feel will best express to the world the greatness found in us all that we have as individuals share as humanity.

I make a effort to keep to what is true thus real in us, that part that makes us human and love to look brilliant in the process.

I invite you follow my journey as I navigate this world that is called art ,together we will find a destination to being all that we can be!

Artist / Designer Ricky R Uptergrove //sftees.kincustom.com/

My Artwork, Artistic Streetwear as well as product Art designs are not wide spread or found on a Box Retailer’s , but can be found at Redbubble.com . Also the popular vote is these designs fit well in most enviroments in the present time and will pave a road to a furture of trendsetting products by me Ricky R Uptergrove.

Plus added to this formula is the element of Fun which we desire and engage in as People, be it on a Surfboard, a Skateboard, or a Fan shouting out loud the latest lyrics at a “Germ” Hip Hop concert.

I feel that my Artwork, Streetwear clothing ,Product art designs which include Men’s , Women’s also children clothing styles plus a selection of various household products delivers art that is wearable to the individuals love display them.

I enjoy creating another avenue for a person to express there perspective to the world.

Thank you to all that have discovered Artist / Designer Ricky R Uptergrove

Visit Here to see what has the internet buzzing. Handcrafted Streetwear by Independant Artist / Designer Ricky R Uptergrove

Everyone loves Pizza L.o.L. Why not all over your shirt letting the world know your great love of this time honored pie! Design by Ricky R Uptergrove



Hard for me to review these designs without hitting delete, I think to myself how unprofessional of a artist / designer I was but in reflection I look at the growth and with that the ability to help others in this field as well as others online as well in person ,I see that was in a hast ,trying to quickly get content out ,feeble attempts at quick web presence ,index search ranking etc. So much i had to learn ,to establish these aspects of the online world and so much more.

Gallery of images mock ups clothing and merchandise that has printed designs created by the Artist Mr. Ricky. R UPTERGROVE